Turn unexpected weather obstacles into opportunity

You’ve probably noticed that your store or website traffic, sales, inventory, and even the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns fluctuate as the weather changes.

What Is AccuWeather D3?

AccuWeather’s D3 Platform is a suite of customized products to help you and your business prepare for weather events that can impact your bottom line. The first is the D3 Express Platform, which features AccuWeather’s Impact Indicator™. The Impact Indicator™ uses 10 years of historical weather data to classify disruptive weather by event and magnitude.

Using a custom proprietary algorithm developed by AccuWeather, we have created an impact value ranked on a scale of 1 (Insignificant) to 10 (Extreme) for how disruptive a weather event will be to your business. The impact, or risk value, considers the probability of a weather event occurring and the loss that the event caused at a particular location.

AccuWeather D3 Express lets you know when extremely disruptive weather events are forecast for all of your locations so that you can plan and stay on top of the latest weather developments and strategize to meet anticipated demand and be ahead of the competition. Customers can try the D3 Express Application for free via the form on this page- just create an account and select your target number of zip codes. Developers can access our API to integrate this critical information with ERP, logistics, sales or supply chain systems.

Who Uses AccuWeather D3 and How?

Business decision makers want to know: what are consumers buying? What events are people planning? Will I reach my destination safely? How are people feeling? AccuWeather empowers you to leverage the patterns of the past to predict the future. Here are just a couple of scenarios in which AccuWeather D3 Express provides value.

Use Case: Operations Manager
Use Case: Director of Marketing


To ensure employee safety and that property is protected, this command center needed to know how many employees and locations will be affected by an upcoming storm.


AccuWeather D3 Express’ reporting helped them understand exactly how many workers, distribution centers, and stores would be impacted. Business decisions were quickly made to ensure employees were safe and property was protected.

Our ability to provide site-specific warnings through proprietary software that ingests multiple sources of weather information, processes data efficiently and effectively, and visualizes the data so you can make decisions quicker on the things that matter most.

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