Integrate and customize to your specific needs

The AccuWeather Impact Indicator API is instantly available to developers to build into their applications.

AccuWeather’s Impact Indicator™ identifies major weather events on a scale of 1 (Insignificant) to 10 (Extreme) for how impactful, or disruptive, the weather will be to your business. Based on ten years of historical data, the Impact Indicator™ is flexible and customizable to your business and needs. Put the power of AccuWeather behind your products with access to detailed several types of disruptive weather events for every zip code in the contiguous United States. Developers have access to 4 different types of requests. They can see all available dates, all types of events, a list of available locations, and all Impact Indicator™ events with their associated level.


  • Locations – Search for your location by postal code, city, county, DMA, or city.
  • Indicator – Use one, a combination, or all of our Impact Indicators. Choose from heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, ice, or our overall indicator.
  • Indicator Level – In addition to the indicator, pick the level that’s right for you.
  • Date – Look at any day or a range of days for up to the next 10 days.

Who's Using the API and How?

Use Case: Retail CRM System Administrator
Use Case: Logistics Manager


Weather impacts sales projections and inventory load for big box retailer. CRM system administrator wants to alert key personnel to adverse weather scenarios that may impact foot traffic and the amount of inventory scheduled to be in each location.


Integration with AccuWeather D3 Express API generates automated alerts whenever the Disruption Indicator Level goes over 7 in any given zip code where the company has a store location. Corresponding logic recommends any applicable staffing adjustments and what inventory items to put on sale at what discount level.

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